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Innovative Sunday Light Brings Sunshine Indoors

Innovative Sunday Light Brings Sunshine Indoors

Designers Unveil Mood-Enhancing Lighting Solution

Designers Nat Martin and Sean Hammett have unveiled an innovative lighting solution called the Sunday Light, aimed at combating the gloomy weather of English winters. This unique overhead LED light, paired with a reflective panel, mimics the diffusing qualities of Earth's atmosphere, providing an even distribution of light to brighten indoor spaces like a sunny day.

A New Dawn for Seasonal Affective Disorder Sufferers

The Sunday light functions similarly to a SAD lamp, which targets seasonal affective disorder by delivering sun-like light to improve mood, energy, and alertness. However, it surpasses the traditional SAD lamp by offering a more natural and pleasant light, free from harshness and designed for comfortable sitting.

From LA Sunshine to UK Innovation

The inspiration for the Sunday light struck Martin upon his return to the UK from sunny Los Angeles. Missing the bright California sun, he collaborated with Hammett to replicate the feeling of a sunny day indoors. Martin expresses the universal need for sunlight, stating, "bright sunlight makes everyone feel better." Their creation aims to fill the gap caused by the UK's limited sunlight.

Bringing the Brilliance of the Outdoors Inside

The Sunday light is engineered to be "insanely bright," boasting 30,000 lumens and delivering 10,000 lux, which is significantly more intense than standard indoor lighting. Despite its power, Martin assures that the light is warm and comforting rather than overwhelming. With a high CRI value of 93, the light offers a color temperature that is cool yet appears natural and agreeable, due in part to its indirect placement within a metal arm.