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Redesigned Magic Mouse Solves Charging and Ergonomic Issues

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Apple's Magic Mouse Gets a Much-Needed Upgrade

Apple's Magic Mouse has long been criticized for its flawed design, particularly its need to be flipped over to charge. However, designer Ivan Kuleshov may have just found the solution to this problem with his redesigned shell. Not only does it fix the charging issue, but it also enhances the mouse's ergonomic feel.

Using the Mouse While Charging

Kuleshov's design allows users to charge the Magic Mouse through a USB-C port while still being able to use it. This is a game-changer, as Apple's original design disabled usage during charging. Kuleshov's solution bypasses this limitation, effectively 'hacking' the mouse to provide a seamless experience.

Overcoming Challenges

Kuleshov faced several challenges during the design process. Existing 3D models of the Magic Mouse were not sufficient, so he had to adjust the enclosure shape through trial and error. He created a frame-adapter for the upper part of the mouse, which seamlessly integrated with the mouse's design and allowed for upright charging.

Electrical Modifications

In addition to design modifications, Kuleshov tackled the electrical challenge of the mouse. He soldered a TP4056 directly to the battery outputs, enabling the mouse to continue working while charging. This modification bypasses Apple's standard charging protocol, providing a clever workaround to a long-standing problem.

The Perfect Enclosure Shape

After numerous iterations, Kuleshov achieved the ideal enclosure shape for the redesigned Magic Mouse. Despite its slightly bulkier appearance, the mouse's sensor still maintains contact with the table, ensuring precise movement. Kuleshov claims it to be the "world's first ergonomic Magic Mouse without any flaws."

Open-Source Project

Kuleshov has made his entire project open-source, allowing tinkerers to download the files on GitHub and modify their own Magic Mice. This gesture has garnered mixed responses from the internet, with some praising Kuleshov's ingenuity and others questioning why such 'hacking' was necessary in the first place.

Overall, Kuleshov's redesigned Magic Mouse offers a significant improvement in both charging and ergonomic aspects. It provides a practical solution to a long-standing problem and gives users the freedom to use their mouse while it charges.

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