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Innovative Tech Aims to Keep Unwanted Critters Out of Your Home

Innovative Tech Aims to Keep Unwanted Critters Out of Your Home

Feline Faux Pas: The Unwanted Gifts of Cats

Cats are known for their inquisitive nature and their habit of hunting small animals, which often leads to an unpleasant surprise for their owners when they bring these "gifts" back home. These unwelcome presents can create unsanitary conditions, leaving homeowners to deal with the aftermath.

Flappie: The Smart Pet Door Solution

At the forefront of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, a novel device called Flappie has been introduced. This smart pet door harnesses advanced AI technology to prevent your cat from bringing unwanted prey into your home. Flappie stands out with its unique focus on a specific problem faced by pet owners.

How Flappie Works

Unlike other smart pet doors, Flappie is designed with one goal in mind: to detect whether a cat is attempting to enter the house with prey in its mouth. Equipped with a camera and AI, Flappie discerns if your cat is carrying a lifeless animal and, if so, denies entry. The door will only open once the cat releases its catch, encouraging better behavior over time.

Training Cats with Technology

The creators of Flappie hope that this smart door will train cats to leave their prey outside, thereby preventing them from bringing dead animals into the house. While not 100% foolproof, the AI boasts a 90% accuracy rate in recognizing dead animals, such as mice, birds, and snakes, and is expected to improve as it continues to learn.

More Than Just a Door

Flappie isn't just about training your cat; it also captures memorable moments of your pet's outdoor adventures. With the ability to share these moments on social media and remote app control, Flappie offers a multifunctional solution for pet owners. It can also sync with your cat's microchip to ensure that only your pet has access to the house, keeping other animals out.

Keeping Homes Safe and Sanitary

With Flappie, the days of unwanted critters in your living space could be numbered. This smart pet door promises to provide a cleaner, safer environment for both cats and their owners, showcasing how AI can be tailored to solve everyday household challenges.