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Revolutionary Aladdin: The Triple Threat of Home Entertainment

Revolutionary Aladdin: The Triple Threat of Home Entertainment

The All-In-One Entertainment Solution

Imagine a device that combines the visual power of a high-definition projector, the audio clarity of a top-tier speaker system, and the practicality of a ceiling lamp. The XGIMI Aladdin, unveiled at CES 2024, is precisely that—a groundbreaking 1080p short-throw projector with a 360° Harman Kardon speaker, all disguised as an unassuming ceiling lamp.

Space-Saving Design with a Cinematic Punch

Breaking away from the norms of bulky, traditional projectors, the Aladdin introduces a new era of space efficiency and design elegance. This ceiling-mounted marvel saves precious floor space while offering a cinematic projection of up to 100 inches, perfect for transforming any room into a personal theater.

Immersive Viewing Without the Hazards

The Aladdin's fixed-position design allows for a substantial 100-inch 1080p projection from just 5.98 feet away, ensuring a captivating and safe viewing experience without the risk of glare or direct light exposure. Customization is key, with adjustable settings for direction, angle, focus, and keystone to fit any room size.

Harman Kardon Sound: An Auditory Revelation

Complementing its visual prowess, the Aladdin boasts an integrated 360-degree Harman Kardon speaker system. This 2.1-channel sound system delivers an immersive auditory experience, with sound that appears to flow directly from the screen, enveloping viewers in the action.

Effortless Installation and Operation

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Aladdin mirrors the ease of installing a standard ceiling light. It elevates everyday living with interactive features like dynamic wallpapers and ambient sounds, all operable through convenient voice commands—no remote necessary.

Accessible Innovation Coming Soon

Set to hit the Japanese market in June 2024 with a price tag under $1000 USD, the XGIMI Aladdin is not just an innovative piece of technology; it's an accessible entertainment upgrade for a broad audience. The Aladdin is ready to change the game in home entertainment, offering a blend of performance and convenience that's hard to resist.