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New Inkless Printer Keeps Sticky Notes in Place and Enhances Productivity

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Introducing the Nemonic Gen 2 Printer

In today's digital world, many of us still rely on traditional methods to stay organized. Sticky notes are a great way to jot down important reminders, but they can be unreliable and hard to decipher. That's where the Nemonic Gen 2 inkless, thermal, and wireless printer comes in. Developed by designer Mangoslab, this innovative device allows you to print your notes and images directly onto Ultra Sticky Notes that won't easily fall off.

Designed for Seamless Integration

The Nemonic printer can be connected to both desktops and mobile devices, making it a versatile tool for any workflow. Whether you prefer to draw, write, type, or capture notes on the connected app, this printer has you covered. It even integrates with popular apps like Microsoft Office, Slack, and Zapier, ensuring that your productivity runs smoother than ever before.

Customizable Templates and Advanced Features

With different templates available for each integrated app, you can create handwritten or typewritten notes to suit your preferences. The Nemonic Scanner app allows you to remove shadows from photos or diagrams captured from a whiteboard or screen, and print them directly. Plus, the printer has a de-curl feature to ensure that your sticky notes come out flat when needed, as well as an auto-cut finishing option to eliminate the need for manual tearing or cutting.

Already a Kickstarter Success

While the Nemonic Gen 2 printer is still in the Kickstarter phase, it has already surpassed its initial funding goal of $3,000. The printer comes with a pack of Ultra Sticky Notes, and refills will likely be available for purchase separately in the future. This device is a dream come true for those looking to enhance their productivity with a digital/analog hybrid approach.

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