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Watch This Mesmerizing LEGO Gear Experiment!

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When you're looking to kill time and indulge your curiosity, watching random videos on Reels or YouTube is a common go-to. One type of video that has gained massive popularity is LEGO build videos. For those of us who prefer watching others create LEGO structures rather than building them ourselves, these videos are like catnip. It's fascinating to see how these masterpieces are created and filmed for the enjoyment of others.

Introducing The Brick Experiment Channel

One YouTube channel that stands out in the LEGO community is The Brick Experiment Channel. As their name suggests, they focus on the experimental side of LEGO builds. In their latest video, they set out to achieve the longest chain of LEGO Technic gears, with a catch. Each gear had to maintain a gear ratio of 1:1, meaning they had to rotate at the same speed from start to finish. And guess what? They succeeded, reaching an impressive gear count of 111!

The video takes you through the entire process, starting with just a few gears and gradually building up to their final count. The gears are showcased in gray, while the "platform" is red, giving the video a minimalist feel compared to the usual cacophony of colors and shapes in LEGO builds. As they approach the 111-gear mark, they even change direction and perform three full rotations of backlash. If you have the same tools, you can try experimenting on your own!

A Satisfying Visual Experience

There's something undeniably satisfying about watching all the gears in motion as they continuously add to the build. It's akin to the feeling we get when observing Rube Goldberg machine chain-reaction videos. Although this video is not their latest, The Brick Experiment Channel has more recent experiments involving gears and LEGOs on their YouTube channel for you to explore.

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