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Innovative Dutch Cabin Redefines Tiny Living with Borrowed Materials

Innovative Dutch Cabin Redefines Tiny Living with Borrowed Materials

A Fresh Take on Tiny Homes

In the picturesque Netherlands, a new tiny home stands out from the rest. Dubbed the Stable Stack, this cabin-hotel hybrid brings a breath of fresh air to the tiny home scene with its unique approach to construction and design. Overtreders W, a Dutch studio, has shirked the typical building methods, opting instead to use borrowed materials, which are held together with straps, allowing for the entire structure to be dismantled and the materials returned in pristine condition.

Stable Stack: A Creative Collaboration

Commissioned by Veen Huis Hotel, the Stable Stack is an architectural marvel among seven other innovative cabins offered to guests. Its footprint measures a mere 2 x 2 meters, with a sprawling roof of 4 x 7 meters, all resting not on a traditional foundation, but on a singular concrete pillar. This structure is not just a place to stay; it's a statement on sustainable building practices.

Locally Sourced, Responsibly Built

The creators at Overtreders W embarked on a journey through Veenhuizen, gathering materials from the generous local community. Within an hour, they sourced enough components to construct the Stable Stack, using wood from carpenter Peter Kroes and roof tiles from the Riedstra farm. These materials were carefully secured with colorful tie-down straps, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose, ensuring that everything can be returned without damage.

Minimalist Interior, Maximum Charm

Inside, the Stable Stack's charm is in its simplicity. The single-room cabin features shutters to modulate light and a staircase leading to a cozy double bed. While lacking electricity and a bathroom, guests are expected to use the hotel's amenities. This tiny home isn't meant for long-term living but rather serves as a novelty to demonstrate the potential of simple materials in skilled hands.

Experience Sustainable Innovation

The Stable Stack tiny home stands as a testament to creative sustainability and the ingenuity of design. It's a novel experience for guests seeking something out of the ordinary, and a showcase of how a small structure can make a big impact when imagination meets resourcefulness.

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