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Princeton Students Break Speed Record with All-Electric Boat

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Setting the Pace

A group of students and staff at Princeton University recently made waves in the world of electric vehicles by setting a new speed record for an all-electric boat. Dubbed 'Big Bird', this high-powered vessel reached an impressive speed of 114.20 MPH. And no, it doesn't look like a bird at all – more like a tiger!

Powering Ahead

Weighing in at just 975 pounds, 'Big Bird' is powered by a 400-volt battery pack, which generates over 200 horsepower for its electric motor. This incredible feat was accomplished on Lake Townsend near Greensboro, North Carolina, with the skilled pilot John Peeters at the helm. With an impressive track record of 60 world and national records, Peeters was the perfect choice to take on this challenge.

The Future of Electric Boat Racing

According to Edric Zhang, a member of Team Big Bird and a student at Princeton, electric boat racing is a rapidly emerging sport. Zhang predicts that by the end of next year, there will be a multitude of boats capable of reaching speeds of 100+ MPH. This exciting development highlights the growing popularity and potential of electric-powered watercraft.

While some may prefer the leisurely pace of rubber duck races, it's undeniable that electric boat racing is making a splash in the world of competitive sports. With new speed records being set and technological advancements pushing the boundaries, who knows what the future holds for this electrifying sport?

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