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Revolutionizing Road Trips: The Future of In-Car Entertainment


The Rise of In-Car Entertainment

With the average person spending a significant amount of time in their vehicle, whether for daily commutes, long trips, or leisurely drives, in-car entertainment has become an increasingly important aspect of travel. This need is even more pronounced for passengers who often find these periods unproductive or dull, and for those who experience motion sickness caused by the dissonance between visual perception and the inner ear’s sense of movement.

Introducing holoride: A Cure for Car Sickness

Enter holoride, a company that’s stepping up to transform in-car entertainment by tackling the prevalent issue of motion sickness. Their solution? An innovative virtual reality system that syncs with the vehicle’s movements. This technology aligns the virtual world with physical turns and motions of the car, helping the brain to reconcile visual and sensory inputs and thereby reducing the likelihood of motion sickness.

Transforming Travel with Virtual Reality

The immersive VR experiences offered by holoride go beyond simply providing a distraction from the monotony of travel. They allow passengers to dive into virtual worlds that move in harmony with the car, turning potentially tedious hours into opportunities for adventure and enjoyment. Whether it’s exploring new landscapes, playing interactive games, or engaging with other VR content, holoride is turning journeys into joyrides.

A First-Hand Look at holoride’s Revolutionary Tech

My first encounter with holoride’s technology at CES 2019 was nothing short of revolutionary. Audi provided a live demonstration that included a thrilling ride around the Las Vegas Speedway while I played a Disney-developed VR game. The experience was made possible through Oculus Rift VR glasses and showcased holoride’s potential to change the way we think about in-car entertainment.

Adaptability: holoride’s Secret Ingredient

One of holoride’s standout features is its adaptability. The VR experience can adjust to the duration of your trip, ensuring that every car ride is a unique experience. It’s not just about fun and games; holoride can also offer educational content tailored to the journey’s location. Although it originated within Audi, holoride is not exclusive to the automaker and is open to collaboration with other content creators and vehicle manufacturers.

holoride Today: Bringing VR to Every Vehicle

holoride has made significant strides since its inception, recently announcing the release of the holoride retrofit device at CES 2023. This groundbreaking product, which earned recognition as a 2023 CES Innovation Awards honoree, can transform any vehicle into a hub for extended reality entertainment. The retrofit device is compact, easily connecting to VR headsets and using movement data to craft adaptive virtual experiences that combat motion sickness.

holoride’s CEO Shares Vision for the Future

Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride, expresses his vision of making every car a portal into an immersive world. The retrofit device brings them one step closer to this goal, promising that every ride can be a blueprint for a new, immersive adventure. Alongside the device launch, holoride also expands its content library, including a new game for subscribers, adding even more variety to the in-car VR experience.

Easy Installation and Accessible Pricing

The holoride retrofit device is user-friendly, weighing less than half a pound, and can be mounted on the windshield. With a long battery life and the ability to connect to multiple headsets, it’s priced at an accessible $199, with a bundle option that includes a VR headset and a holoride subscription.

The Future of Personal Mobility and Beyond

As personal mobility devices gain popularity, holoride’s technology stands out as a leader in the transformation of transportation experiences. With its innovative approach to in-car entertainment, holoride is paving the way for a future where every journey is an adventure waiting to unfold.