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Revolutionize Your Outdoor Barbecues with the Gather Table

Revolutionize Your Outdoor Barbecues with the Gather Table

Compact and Portable

Imagine a table that can transform your outdoor gatherings, small enough to carry in a duffle bag but expands to accommodate up to 10 people. The Gather table by AroundFire is the latest innovation in outdoor dining, blending portability with functionality for the ultimate campfire experience.

Interactive Grilling Experience

The Gather table redefines outdoor cooking by creating a personal, interactive grilling space. It's like having a mini outdoor Benihana at your fingertips. Everyone can cook their food right at their seat, thanks to a versatile center that works with various fuel types, from coals to pellets and firewood. The table's efficient airflow system ensures a smoke-free experience, making it perfect for social barbecues.

Durable and Fireproof Construction

Built to last, the Gather table features an all-metal design that's both lightweight and fire-resistant. The outer layer is crafted from heat-resistant, fast-cooling double-layer powder-coated steel mesh, while the interior boasts a modular setup for different fire types. The centerpiece, AroundFire’s mesh pit, is designed to evenly distribute fuel and prevent sparks, ensuring a clean, smokeless burn.

Versatile Grilling Options

With two grill tops included, the Gather offers a familiar stainless steel grill and a woven grill mesh for a variety of culinary styles. Adjustable height and a foldable windscreen provide control over cooking conditions, whether you're dealing with intense heat or strong winds. The windscreen also doubles as a lid, converting the fire table into a standard flat surface for versatile use.

Travel-Ready and Feature-Packed

Available in two sizes, the Gather Lite and Gather Grand cater to smaller or larger groups, weighing just 16 and 20 pounds respectively. They come with leg-risers for adjustable height, a fire mesh, grill plate, and a handy travel bag. Additional accessories like a KBBQ grill mesh and barbecue tongs are available for the ultimate grilling setup.

Affordable and Global Shipping

The Gather Lite is currently available at a 50% discount for $149, while the early bird price for the Grand is $179. Both models ship worldwide and include a 2-year rust-free warranty, ensuring your investment is protected. Upgrade your outdoor dining experience with the Gather table, where convenience meets community.