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Revolutionizing Pet Care: The CONNECT Tree for Feline Bliss

Revolutionizing Pet Care: The CONNECT Tree for Feline Bliss

More Than Just Pets

They are the silent members of our families, our beloved pets who we cherish as our own offspring. Dedicated pet owners go above and beyond to ensure their furry companions are enveloped in comfort and joy. For those on a quest to elevate their pet care game, the CONNECT Collection by Vazken Karageozian emerges as a beacon of innovation.

Design with Feline Clients in Mind

Conceived by the creative mind of Toronto's Vazken Karageozian, the CONNECT Tree stands as a testament to both form and function in the realm of cat comfort. Inspired by his own cherished cats, Grayson and Ella, Karageozian has infused his professional design expertise into crafting an idyllic retreat for his feline friends. The Armenian word "Papuk," meaning "soft and fluffy," aptly names this sophisticated collection.

A Customizable Cat Haven

The CONNECT Collection redefines the traditional cat tree with its modular design, allowing pet owners to construct a personalized sanctuary that caters to the whims of their whiskered companions. This innovative system offers a range of attachable accessories, transforming a simple cat tree into a comprehensive entertainment complex designed to entice and engage.

Centerpiece of Feline Leisure

At the heart of the CONNECT Collection is the foundational CONNECT Tree, a multi-tiered structure that serves as the linchpin for an array of delightful add-ons. Whether bundled or selected individually, options like a scratching pad, cushion, tray platform, and hanging toy ensure that your cat's leisure and play are catered to with finesse and style.

Eco-Friendly and Durable Design

Addressing the prevalent issue of disposable pet furniture that clutters landfills, the CONNECT Tree presents an eco-friendly alternative. Karageozian's design utilizes sturdy materials such as solid-ash dowels and ash-veneered plywood shelves, complemented by genuine leather straps for accessory attachment. This durable creation not only offers a sustainable choice for consumers but also fosters a harmonious living environment for both pets and their human counterparts.

With the CONNECT Tree, Vazken Karageozian has not only crafted a piece of furniture but has also curated an experience of "inter-species happiness" that enriches the lives of pets and pet owners alike.