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This tiny Titanium EDC Tool performs 5 crucial tasks and fits on a keychain

I’d like to think that we’re in a golden age for Titanium (I get the irony of using the term golden to describe it but let’s not focus on that)… whether it’s dominating the EDC world or even slowly carving its way into popular culture with the latest iPhone 15 Pro. Touted as the world’s strongest metal, titanium has some significant benefits that make it such a perfect pick for tools and other EDC. It’s medical-grade, corrosion-resistant, relatively non-reactive, fairly lightweight, and is nearly impossible to damage or even make a dent on. That makes it perfect for EDC, but it also means your EDC can be smaller but still have multiple functions and features, like the TiSpanner, a scaled-down version of your hefty toolkit spanner, but with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Aside from being the size of a car key, the TiSpanner has a built-in spanner, caliper, bottle-opener, nail-pry, and tungsten-carbide glass-breaker for emergencies. It’s the perfect blend between size and functionality, and fits right on your keychain, allowing you to carry it wherever you go.

Designer: Sven Chan of Titaner

Click Here to Buy Now: $68 $126 (46% off) Hurry! 20 of 650 units left!

The TiSpanner is a uniquely versatile tool with a built-in precision spanner that can open/close nuts and bolts, while also functioning as a caliper tool for measuring. A rotating knob lets you make micro-adjustments to the TiSpanner’s jaws, while its meticulously machined threading ensures the kind of accuracy a pair of calipers would demand. Etched markings on the side of the TiSpanner let you calculate linear measurements, while the adjustable metal jaws themselves expand to fit hex nuts or bolts as large as M10 on the nominal scale.

Look around a bit further and you spot a few extra details that bring more value to the TiSpanner. For starters, a notch in its outer jaw, coupled with the TiSpanner’s general shape, makes it a perfect nail-pry, while a groove in the inner jaw allows the TiSpanner to function as a bottle opener. The linear design of the spanner lends itself well to both those uses, as it turns into a class 3 lever for opening bottles, and a class 2 lever for pulling/prying nails. Finally, the TiSpanner ends with quite a tactical flair, boasting a glass-breaker tip on its reverse end. Designed to be held in between your fingers with the glass-breaker pointing outwards, the TiSpanner can easily shatter even laminated panes of glass like the ones found in cars, allowing for a quick and effortless exit in an emergency.

Each TiSpanner comes meticulously machined from individual pieces of titanium, giving it incredible strength and a fairly long lifespan (I assume a couple of generations at the least). The spanner is small enough to be carried everywhere, measuring merely 2.2 inches when closed. Given its tiny size, it comes with a few slots to put in vials of tritium that help you spot your EDC in the dark, or better yet, just string your TiSpanner around a keychain and you’ll always have your multitool right at your fingertips! The TiSpanner starts at $68 USD and begins shipping in January 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $68 $126 (46% off) Hurry! 20 of 650 units left!

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