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Introducing the +52 Stool: A Sustainable and Versatile Furniture Piece

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Compact, Portable, and Stylish

Stools are often overlooked when it comes to furniture choices, but they deserve way more credit than they get. With their compact size and portability, stools are the perfect space-saving option for modern homes. And if you're looking for a great stool design to add to your home, look no further than the +52 stool!

A 'Scenario' for Sustainable Wood

Designed by Studio Plastique, the +52 stool is not just furniture, it's a 'scenario' for exploring the potential of undervalued wood types as sustainable alternatives. The Brussels-based studio conducted extensive research on timber designs and manufacturing to create this wooden step stool.

Diverse and Eco-Friendly Materials

The +52 stool is made using a variety of non-commercial woods such as elm, koto, willow, acacia, and birch. This not only adds different weights, colors, and textures to the stool but also helps tackle the overexploitation of forests in the wood production industry. By using lesser-known wood species, Studio Plastique aims to raise awareness about their potential in the design world.

Structural Stability and Functionality

The +52 stool is manufactured in varying thicknesses to ensure structural stability, regardless of the type of wood used. This makes it a versatile and durable furniture piece that can fit seamlessly into both casual and formal spaces. Its modern and minimal aesthetic allows it to complement other furniture pieces without creating a stark contrast.

"With +52, we would like to contribute to an alternative perspective on wood scenarios," said the studio. "Through our collaborations with stakeholders in the field, we aim to highlight these problematics on the one hand, and on the other propose diversified scenarios."

So, if you're looking for a sustainable and stylish addition to your home, consider joining team stools over chairs and give the +52 stool a try!