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Introducing the Saltsaun NW: The Mobile Sauna Experience

Introducing the Saltsaun NW: The Mobile Sauna Experience

Road-Trip Relaxation

Imagine the freedom of enjoying a relaxing sauna experience wherever your travels take you. The Saltsaun NW trailer makes this dream a reality. Designed with the spirit of Oregon's historic covered wagons, this innovative mobile sauna offers the versatility to be towed behind any vehicle, bringing the luxury of a Himalayan salt-lined cedar wood sauna to any destination, whether you're in your own backyard or off the beaten path.

Design and Durability

Crafted by the creative minds at Bend Teardrop, the Saltsaun NW trailer is not just any ordinary sauna. Its unique design boasts impressive amenities and robust capabilities. Featuring a highway-speed-capable chassis and off-road readiness, it measures a compact 6×8 feet. The trailer's distinct rounded-roof body echoes the sturdy construction of a solid-roofed covered wagon, ready to withstand the elements and the rigors of travel.

Local Craftsmanship

Constructed from cedar wood sourced from the Pacific Northwest, the trailer is both a nod to local craftsmanship and a sturdy travel companion. It's equipped with a large checker plate panel, aluminum paneling, and a corrugated metal roof that not only protects the wood but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. The roof extends over a small porch with integrated seats, perfect for cooling down after a steamy session.

Comfort Meets Convenience

The Saltsaun NW trailer comfortably accommodates four to five adults on its benches. At its heart lies a choice of an electric or wood stove, capable of heating the interior to a toasty 100-200 °F. For those who prefer to stay connected, the electric model includes a 3-kW steam-ready heater that plugs into any standard outlet. Off-grid enthusiasts will appreciate the wood stove model, complete with a rock basket for steaming, a deep-cycle battery, and a solar panel to power the lighting.

Accessible Luxury

While high-end tech like the Apple Vision Pro headset may be out of reach for some with its $3500 price tag, the Saltsaun NW offers a slice of luxury that's more accessible and arguably more rejuvenating. This mobile sauna is a testament to the idea that everyone deserves a chance to indulge in self-care, even on the go.

Innovative Design for Modern Lifestyles

The Saltsaun NW trailer is just one example of the creative and functional designs that cater to contemporary needs. Whether it's a foldable bicycle for urban commuters or an architectural fantasy made real, the focus is on products that are not only innovative and unique but also enhance our daily lives. And with the Saltsaun NW, the future of mobile relaxation looks bright and steamy.

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