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Designer Jonas Edvard Blends Nature and Innovation in Sustainable Sound-Absorbing Panels

Designer Jonas Edvard Blends Nature and Innovation in Sustainable Sound-Absorbing Panels

Introducing the Myx Sail / Floor

Jonas Edvard has taken the design world by storm with his latest brainchild, the Myx Sail / Floor, a cutting-edge sound-absorbing panel. This masterpiece was recently showcased at the Mindcraft Project 2023, stunning audiences with its use of mushroom mycelium, hemp, and willow. Not just a design marvel, this 1m x 1m panel is a testament to Edvard's unwavering commitment to sustainable and responsible design practices.

Nature Meets Design

The Myx Sail / Floor project is a shining example of Jonas Edvard's passion for merging design with nature's wisdom. By working hand-in-hand with mushroom mycelium, Edvard crafts a room divider that is both flexible and sturdy. The process involves nurturing the mycelium as it fuses with plant fibers, ultimately shaping into a panel that exemplifies the harmony of strength and adaptability.

Inspiration from the Forest Floor

Edvard's designs are deeply rooted in his reverence for nature, drawing inspiration from the role of mushrooms in the ecosystem. His philosophy is to respect the intricate dance between natural materials and human existence. The Myx Sail / Floor is not just a product but a modular design concept that demonstrates how organic elements like mycelium can be woven into our everyday spaces.

Sound Innovation

Edvard's collaboration with Arup Engineers in Germany has led to a fascinating study into mycelium's sound-absorbing properties. These panels are finely tuned to dampen sounds within the range of human speech, mirroring the efficacy of traditional materials like glass wool. This research underscores Edvard's vision of incorporating natural materials into our buildings, promoting a sustainable architectural future.

A Circular Design Ethos

With a forward-thinking approach to design, Edvard constantly experiments with local and organic materials, embodying a circular, eco-friendly philosophy. His exploration into material blends aims to uncover the potential of mycelium in design, focusing on its appearance, functionality, and sound-absorption capabilities.

Experience the Natural Touch

Edvard's Myx Sail / Floor panels are not just to be seen but to be felt. He invites individuals to experience the unique texture and qualities of the natural components. These panels are crafted to engage the senses, showcasing the light, porous, and rigid attributes of the materials. Edvard's work ignites discussions on the importance and beauty of natural materials, encouraging their integration into our personal spaces.

More Than a Panel: A Sustainable Vision

The Myx Sail / Floor represents more than an acoustic solution; it is the physical manifestation of sustainable design principles. As Jonas Edvard continues to explore the frontiers of material innovation, his work paves the way for a seamless blend of organic materials into our built environment, nurturing a symbiotic relationship between our designs and the natural world.

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