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Ring in the Lunar New Year with a Stunning Dragon-Themed Keyboard

Ring in the Lunar New Year with a Stunning Dragon-Themed Keyboard

Auspicious Design Meets Tech

As the Chinese New Year festivities ignite, a new limited-edition mechanical keyboard is capturing the essence of the celebration. This isn't just any keyboard; it's a fusion of QWERTY and Standard Chinese Script, draped in the auspicious red and gold hues, and adorned with the mythical dragon, a symbol of power and good luck in Chinese culture. This special edition is the brainchild of a collaboration between tech company Drop and designer group Boba.Types.

More Than Just Typing

Typically, keyboards are utilitarian – designed for function over form. However, this particular model is a feast for the eyes, making it a coveted collector's item not only for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year but also for enthusiasts of Chinese mythology and lore. The intricate design and vivid colors make it almost irresistible to gaze upon while typing away.

Customizable and Cultural

The keyboard comes with a base set of keycaps, but for those looking to spice things up, there are novelty and accent caps available. The golden accent keys pop against the red backdrop, making frequently used keys instantly recognizable. The novelty keys are a nod to Chinese mythology, featuring the 12 zodiac signs and adding a layer of cultural richness to the keyboard. Special keys like escape, shift, control, and alt are also given a unique touch with symbolic designs, turning an ordinary typing experience into something extraordinary.

Exclusive Feel and Durability

Drop's special DCD profile keycaps, known for their "classic feel with a unique, grit-free PBT texture," are said to mimic the strength and smoothness of a dragon's scales. Compatible with Cherry MX switches and their clones, the base kit is priced at $49, while the additional novelty keycaps can be acquired for $35 more, offering an upgrade that's both tactile and visually stunning.

Security with Style

Beyond aesthetics, this keyboard offers a level of privacy. With its unique keycap designs, friends and onlookers might find it challenging to navigate your personal computer, adding an extra layer of security through obscurity, all while you type in style.

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