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Modernizing Feng Shui: A Satirical Spin on Ancient Wisdom

Modernizing Feng Shui: A Satirical Spin on Ancient Wisdom

Reviving Ancient Practices with a Digital Twist

In a world where ancient traditions often intersect with modern technology, a new project has emerged as a satirical nod to the commercialization of feng shui. Yet, in a playful turn of events, it offers a collection of "smart" feng shui objects designed to harmonize your living space with a touch of contemporary innovation.

Designer Yoojin Chung's Vision

Yoojin Chung, the visionary designer behind the "Capturing Qi" project, has seamlessly blended the old with the new. This unique collection introduces three feng shui elements – a crystal ball, wind chime, and water fountain – reimagined as smart devices. Their design, reminiscent of 18th-century scientific equipment, marries the mystic with the modern.

Smart Devices for Harmonious Living

These aren't your average decorative items; each piece is embedded with an Arduino circuit board, transforming them into interactive smart devices. By connecting to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, users can "activate" these objects, inviting the flow of qi, or energy, into their homes. Despite its critical take on feng shui's commercialization, the project offers a genuine means to enhance one's living environment with the desired energy, particularly timely for those seeking a fresh start in the new year.

Stylish and Conversational Home Decor

Not only do these items serve a purpose rooted in ancient philosophy, but they also double as intriguing conversation pieces. Whether you're seen as a modern-day alchemist or a connoisseur of unique art, these smart feng shui objects promise to add a touch of sophistication and positive vibes to any abode.

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Our Commitment to Innovative Design

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