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Tesla Rumored to be Working on Cybertruck 2.0 Redesign

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Automotive Designer Envisions a Less Polarizing Design

Tesla may be considering a redesign of its highly-anticipated Cybertruck before even delivering the first model. Automotive designer Dejan Hristov has come up with a concept for a Cybertruck 2.0, aiming to improve upon the initial design that received mixed reviews. The new design features more gentle curves instead of sharp angles, giving the truck a more polished look.

Improved Silhouette and Eye-Catching Design

The Cybertruck 2.0 concept retains the cyberpunk-inspired design of the original, but with notable improvements. The redesigned truck features LED-strip headlights and taillights, along with a more refined silhouette. The use of a different metal allows for 3D curves and embossing, giving the truck a sleek appearance. The redesigned Cyberquad, which fits in the truck's bed, complements the truck with a matching paint job.

Color Options and Added Features

Unlike the original Cybertruck, the Cybertruck 2.0 concept offers a range of color options to choose from, bringing it in line with Tesla's other models. The addition of a frunk, a front trunk accessed like a drawer, provides extra storage space. The truck also features a retractable spoiler, a panel that lifts to reveal windshield wipers, and sleeker rear-view cameras that share footage to the dashboard.

Delivery Dates and Price Uncertainty

While the Cybertruck 2.0 concept is visually stunning, it remains uncertain if Tesla will pursue a redesign. The original Cybertruck is set to begin deliveries at the end of November, although Tesla has not provided clear details on the number of units or the final price. Rumors of a potential price surge have caused concern among potential buyers. However, the truck is making its way to Tesla showrooms across the USA, which may indicate progress.

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