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Adidas Unveils Groundbreaking Tech-Driven Football for UEFA EURO 2024

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Revolutionizing the Game

Adidas has announced the launch of its latest tech-driven product for football, the FUSSBALLLIEBE. This connected ball, adopted as the Official Football for UEFA EURO 2024, aims to transform the way we experience and analyze the game.

The Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of the FUSSBALLLIEBE is Adidas' Connected Ball Technology, developed in collaboration with Kinexon. This groundbreaking innovation features a 500Hz motion sensor that provides detailed insights into the ball's movement, enhancing the accuracy and speed of in-match decisions. It also works seamlessly with UEFA's semi-automated offside technology, marking a significant advancement in the sport's adjudication.

Precision Engineering

The FUSSBALLLIEBE is not only smart but also designed with precision engineering in mind. Its 20-piece panel shape and deboss grooves control airflow over the ball, ensuring maximum precision. The CTR-CORE within the ball further enhances accuracy, consistent play, and shape retention.

Aesthetic Appeal

The design of the FUSSBALLLIEBE celebrates the spirit of the game and its global audience. With vibrant colors and wing shapes, the ball encapsulates the movement and energy of football. The inclusion of tournament stadiums and host city names adds a personal touch, making it a collector's item as well as a piece of advanced sporting equipment.

Sustainable Design

Adidas prioritizes sustainability with the FUSSBALLLIEBE, using bio-based materials such as corn fibers, sugar cane, wood pulp, and rubber. The ball also incorporates recycled polyester and water-based ink, making it the most eco-friendly Adidas Official Match Ball to date.

The Future of Football

With the launch of the FUSSBALLLIEBE, it is evident that the future of football is intertwined with innovation and technology. From real-time data-gathering balls to airless footballs, these designs are not just about playing the game; they are about changing it.