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Elevate Your Game Room with the Ultimate Home Basketball Arcade

Elevate Your Game Room with the Ultimate Home Basketball Arcade

Hoops at Home

Basketball enthusiasts looking to bring the full-court experience right into their game rooms are in for a treat. Imagine bypassing the pool table or the climbing wall and stepping up to your very own indoor basketball court. The Home Court basketball setup offers a premium, authentic feel for those who can't get enough of the hardwood action.

Designer Collaboration

The Home Court is the brainchild of Reigning Champ and Canadian industrial designer Calen Knauf. This isn't just any arcade-style basketball game—it's a beautifully designed, functional piece of art that captures the essence of playing in a real arena. Crafted from wood, glass, and metal, it's a striking addition to any home, allowing you to compete with the same sounds and feel of a professional court.

A Portable Court Experience

With an eye for both aesthetics and practicality, the Home Court is designed to minimize space while maximizing playability. It stands on four rubberized wheels, making it easy to move, and features a metal frame that supports tempered glass walls. This ensures durability and an unobstructed view of the action. The engineered composite wood panels used for the backboard and rebound surface mimic the acoustic feedback of a basketball thumping against the court.

Storage and Convenience

The Home Court isn't just about playing—it's also about seamless integration into your home. When the game is over, the balls are conveniently collected behind a half-glass wall, and the spacious lower tier doubles as storage. This keeps your space tidy and your game ready to resume at any time.

Exclusive and Made-to-Order

For those ready to invest in their passion, the Home Court comes with a premium price tag of $50,000. It's made-to-order and arrives flat-packed for assembly at your residence. Currently, Reigning Champ is offering this luxury gaming experience exclusively to customers in the US and Canada, leaving others around the world eagerly anticipating their chance to bring the game home.