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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to Ditch Curved Screens, Give S Pen an Edge

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Samsung's Galaxy Note series may have retired, but its spirit lives on in the Galaxy S Ultra models. However, these phones have faced a challenge with their curved screens, making it difficult to fully utilize the S Pen. That might change with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, as leaked photos suggest a flat screen design that gives the S Pen an edge.

A New Design Approach

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to feature a completely flat screen design, addressing the issue of limited access to the edges of the screen when using the S Pen. This means owners will have full access to the width of the screen, benefiting all types of content and eliminating distorted images at the edges.

A Familiar Design

While the screen design may change, the rest of the Galaxy S24 Ultra will likely retain the same design as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone will still have curved edges on the left and right, with flat top and bottom edges. The camera design is also expected to remain the same, although hardware upgrades are anticipated.

A Nostalgic Trend

The interest in retro products has extended beyond turntables and cameras, and now even influences smartphone design. The Galaxy S24 Ultra's flat screen design reflects a more iterative approach to design, keeping the same aesthetic while making functional improvements.

Overall, the Galaxy S24 Ultra's new flat screen design aims to give the S Pen an edge and provide users with a better experience when using the stylus. Samsung continues to innovate and improve on its flagship smartphones, catering to the needs of its users.