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My Top Travel Experiences of 2023: A Year of Adventure and Wanderlust

As a food and travel blogger based in Austin, Texas, I've had the privilege of exploring some fantastic destinations, both near and far. From road trips in the Lone Star State to my first trans-Pacific journey in more than ten years, it's been a whirlwind. Join me as I reminisce about the places I've explored in this year's travel retrospective. I hope it sparks a little wanderlust in you for the year ahead.

From Saigon to Tokyo: A Trans-Pacific Wedding Adventure

In February, I embarked on my most extensive trip of the year, flying to Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) via Tokyo to attend the wedding of my good friend Nick. The trip was filled with sightseeing, delicious cuisine, and cultural experiences. Read more about my adventures in Vietnam and Tokyo.

Exploring the United States: From Tennessee to California

While most of my travel in 2023 was in the United States, it was far from ordinary. I attended a bachelor party in Tennessee, explored New York City, visited Tampa multiple times, and ventured to San Francisco and Sonoma County in California. Find out more about my experiences in these diverse American destinations.

Discovering the Beauty of Maine and Texas

From attending a conference in Portland, Maine, to sailing on a windjammer cruise and exploring historic lighthouses, my trips to Maine were filled with adventure. In Texas, I enjoyed wine tasting in the Hill Country and discovered the vibrant cities of Houston, San Antonio, and more. Read about my experiences in these captivating states.

A Foodie's Paradise: New Orleans and Beyond

No travel year is complete without a visit to New Orleans. This food-focused trip allowed me to indulge in the best restaurants, cocktail bars, and beignets the city has to offer. Plus, I explored the historic Hotel Monteleone and discovered hidden gems in the French Quarter. Find out more about my culinary adventures in the Big Easy.

A Year of Gratitude and Adventure

As I look back on my travels in 2023, I'm filled with gratitude for the incredible experiences and destinations I've been able to explore. From the bustling streets of Saigon to the tranquil beauty of Muir Woods, from the vibrant culture of New Orleans to the historic charm of San Antonio, this year has been full of adventure. Join me as I toast to new adventures, delicious discoveries, and unforgettable moments in 2024!