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Alienware Builds World’s Largest Keyboard and Mouse for Dota 2 Stunt

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In a truly larger-than-life marketing move, Alienware has constructed the world's largest keyboard and mouse, each an impressive 14 times bigger than their normal counterparts. These gigantic replicas, measuring 5 meters (approximately 16.5 feet), were put to the test in a game of Dota 2. While they may not be practical, they certainly make a statement.

Perfect for a Computer Gaming Rancor

The oversized keyboard and mouse are exact 3D scanned replicas of Alienware's AW420K keyboard and AW720M mouse. They are so massive that they would be the perfect fit for a rancor who has always wanted to try computer gaming but found regular peripherals too small.

How They Work

Each key on the giant keyboard is supported by two snug-fitting PVC pipes, which allow for movement. When a key is pressed far enough, it activates a mechanical switch below and then returns to its original position with the help of giant rubber bands. The majority of both the keyboard and mouse were 3D printed, with the keyboard's space bar alone taking 3 days to print and weighing a hefty 20 pounds.

Practicality vs Magnificence

While the enormous keyboard and mouse may not be practical for everyday use, they are undeniably magnificent. Their larger-than-life presence commands attention and showcases Alienware's creativity and innovation in the gaming world.

What's Next?

With the creation of these gigantic peripherals, one can't help but wonder what Alienware has in store next. Perhaps a 28-foot monitor to match? However, as the author humorously notes, this may come at the cost of a spouse's disapproval.

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