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Eames Office Brings Back The Little Toy: A Blast from the Past

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The Ultimate Nostalgia Move

The Eames Office has resurrected The Little Toy, a blast from the past that hasn't been seen since 1961. This tabletop spin-off of the iconic creation, The Toy, was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1952. But this reissue isn't just a replica; it's an invitation to creativity for both longtime fans and newcomers.

Playing "With" Instead of "In"

The Toy was made for playing "in," but The Little Toy is all about playing "with." This miniature version lets you build tiny sets, tents, and houses to jazz up your toy collection. The sturdier cardboard panels give it a DIY dreamland feel for kids and adults alike.

A DIY Dreamland

The Eames magic is still alive in The Little Toy. It comes with colored cardboard panels that are tougher than ever, replacing the old plastic-coated paper. The assembly has been updated with wireframes, making it a breeze to dive into the creative process.

A Blast from the Past with a Retro Price Tag

The Little Toy is back with a retro price tag of $79. But this reissue is more than just a trip down memory lane. It's an opportunity to explore prefab architecture and modular magic. With its vibrant panels and snazzy wireframes, you can create toy houses, funky sculptures, or even desktop architectural wonders.

Unlock Your Creativity

The revived Little Toy isn't just a relic; it's a golden ticket to unlocking creativity, just like it did over fifty years ago. The Eames Office has not only brought back a classic but also given you a chance to embrace the timeless spirit of play and innovation. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the past and let your creativity run wild!

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