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This Mid-High Bed Design Concept Grows with Your Child

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Buying furniture for kids can be a challenge, as they outgrow it quickly. But a new design concept offers a practical and smart solution. Meet the Big Eyes bed, a mid-high bed that can adapt to your child's growing needs.

A Design That Grows with Your Child

The Big Eyes bed concept, created by designer A Su (PUPUPULA), is a versatile piece of furniture that can change its purpose depending on the age or number of its owners. Unlike other beds with modular or moving parts, this bed simply flips over to transform from a mid-high bed to a basic bed and vice versa.

Perfect for Younger Kids and Siblings

The mid-high bed position is ideal for younger kids or siblings who need to share the same space. The top bunk serves as the main bed, while the bottom space can be used as a secondary bed or a spacious play area. This design allows for flexibility and functionality.

Simple and Minimalist Design

The Big Eyes bed is made of birch plywood, giving it a warm and welcoming tone. It has a minimalist design, allowing parents and kids to personalize and decorate it as they please. The bed's simplicity is also its strength, enabling it to have reversible functionality that more sophisticated designs lack.

With the Big Eyes bed, parents no longer have to worry about constantly replacing furniture as their child grows. This innovative design offers a practical and long-term solution, making it a smart investment for any family.