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Collector’s Dream: A Chess Set Like No Other

Collectors Dream: A Chess Set Like No Other

Unique Chess Sets: A Collector's Pride

If you have a penchant for collecting special edition chess sets, your search for the next unique addition may be over. While these sets may not see frequent gameplay, they serve as exquisite showpieces, potentially becoming the centerpiece of a personal collection or even a future chess museum. For fans of fantasy epics akin to "Game of Thrones," a new chess set on the horizon could capture your imagination.

Designers with a Vision

Adam Yuniso and Hatam Yunisli are the creative minds behind a chess set that's as much a work of art as it is a board game. Their design pays homage to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, a lesser-known but fascinating region that's celebrating a significant milestone.

Nakhchivan: A Hidden Gem Inspiring Art

While Nakhchivan might not top everyone's travel bucket list, it's a destination with enough allure to inspire a stunningly designed chess set for its 100th anniversary. This landlocked enclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan, surrounded by Armenia, Iran, and Turkey, boasts rich architecture that's been ingeniously transposed into chess pieces.

Architectural Marvels Turned Chess Pieces

Forget the standard chess set designs. Each piece in this Nakhchivan-themed set is crafted to represent the region's iconic structures, from the Garabaghlar Mausoleum to the Nakhchivan Memorial Museum. These pieces wouldn't look out of place in a grand castle's collection, standing proudly as they do in a display of cultural significance and artistic beauty.

A New Way to Play?

The designers suggest that these pieces are arranged in a manner that differs from traditional chess sets, possibly hinting at an innovative twist to the classic game. While the exact rules remain a mystery, the product renders alone are enough to impress connoisseurs and casual observers alike. This chess set is not just for play; it's a tribute to Nakhchivan, ideal for those with a deep appreciation for the region's heritage.