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From the Silver Screen to Your Arm: The Handbags of a Hollywood Designer

From the Silver Screen to Your Arm: The Handbags of a Hollywood Designer

Julia Koerner: A Blend of Tech and Nature

Award-winning Australian designer Julia Koerner, known for her work on the blockbuster movie "Black Panther", is turning heads with her unique approach to fashion. Merging the world of natural inspiration and cutting-edge technology, Koerner crafts handbags that are as much a piece of art as they are a fashion statement.

3D Printed Wonders

These aren't your average accessories. Koerner's handbags are 3D printed masterpieces, boasting a design that's both rigid and ethereally light. Their skeletal, otherworldly appearance might just convince you they're not of this planet. But the inspiration is terrestrial – drawn from the natural forms like the dried kelp of the Pacific coast.

The KELP MINI: A Deep Dive into Design

The standout KELP MINI handbag is a marvel of design and engineering. Crafted from 3D scans of actual kelp, this bag is transformed into a glossy, flawless structure thanks to advanced resin-based printing techniques. It's a compact piece of luxury, with a cleverly engineered clasp and a hidden chain, designed to hold your essentials with style.

Small in Size, Big on Impact

Don't be fooled by the KELP MINI's compact size; it's not meant for bulk. Perfect for your coins, wallet, and a touch-up kit, this bag prioritizes design over capacity. But what it lacks in space, it makes up for in sheer aesthetic appeal.

Sustainability Meets Style

Koerner's commitment to the environment is as strong as her design game. Her bags are not only inspired by nature but also made with consideration for it. Printed in sustainable plant-based materials and produced using solar-powered printers, these handbags are as eco-friendly as they are chic.

Local Production, Global Appeal

With production hubs in LA and Vienna, Koerner ensures that her handbags are ready for both American and European fashion enthusiasts. And for those who love a good deal, she offers discounted rates on bags with minor imperfections, embodying a no-waste philosophy.

Awe-Inspiring Accessories

Julia Koerner's creations are a testament to the fusion of art and design. With their unusual shapes and organic geometry, these handbags challenge the ordinary and invite onlookers into a world where fashion borders on the fantastical.