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NYC Designer Creates Leather Handbags Designed to Hold Specific Foods

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Forward-thinking NYC designer Nik Bentel has come up with a unique concept for handbags – ones that are specifically designed to hold certain foods. The handbags, made of leather, are meant to carry a single slice of pizza or a hotdog. However, it seems that the hot dog handbag can also accommodate items such as a glass soda bottle or condiments like ketchup or mustard. Basically, anything long and cylindrical can fit in this handbag, although the designer himself prefers to stick with hot dogs.

Fashionable Yet Vulnerable to the Elements

While these food-holding handbags may look stylish, there is an inherent risk involved – your food will be exposed to the elements. Yes, that means your pizza or hotdog could potentially be sneezed on. But hey, at least it will look fancy while it’s collecting germs. However, it's worth noting that these handbags are not currently available for sale, which is a disappointment for avid consumers of ridiculous products.

A Limited Capacity

One drawback of these unique handbags is their limited carrying capacity. Most people don't just want a single slice of pizza or a solitary hotdog; their stomachs demand more. If only there was a fancy leather handbag that could carry two hotdogs with two slices of pizza dangling below – that would truly be a game-changer and likely attract more customers.

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