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UGREEN Launches Game-Changing Nexode Pro Chargers

UGREEN Launches Game-Changing Nexode Pro Chargers

Power Up with Nexode Pro

UGREEN has just upped the ante in the charging game with the introduction of its Nexode Pro series chargers, featuring cutting-edge GaN technology. These chargers, ranging from 65W to an impressive 160W, are designed to be compact and efficient, with the capability to power multiple devices at once without breaking a sweat.

Introducing the Nexode Pro 160W

The standout of the series, the Nexode Pro 160W, is grabbing attention with its diminutive size—smaller than a standard MacBook charger—and its four charging ports. This powerhouse can direct a massive 140W to a single USB-C port, making it the ultimate charging solution for all your devices.

Designed for Efficiency

UGREEN's Nexode Pro 160W is not just about raw power; it's also about smart energy use. Thanks to UGREEN's 'GaNInfinity' technology, this charger boasts a 95% conversion rate, meaning almost all the energy from your outlet is transferred to your devices, minimizing heat loss. This level of efficiency is a leap ahead of traditional silicon-based chargers.

Speedy Charging Capabilities

UGREEN isn't shy about the Nexode Pro's performance, claiming the charger can juice up a MacBook from zero to 50% in just 27 minutes. If you're using a 140W MagSafe cable, the charger can output the full 140W to a single device, providing incredibly fast charging speeds.

Intelligent Power Distribution

When multiple devices are plugged in, the Nexode Pro 160W smartly allocates its 160W total output across the ports, ensuring each device gets the power it needs. The top USB-C port can deliver up to 140W on its own, with the remaining ports offering 100W, 30W, and 22W outputs.

Compact and Lightweight

Despite its power, the Nexode Pro 160W is 21% smaller than other chargers with similar capabilities. It's also light, weighing in at just 310 grams (10.9 ounces), making it an ideal travel companion.

Safety is a Priority

With great power comes great responsibility, and UGREEN takes this seriously. The Nexode Pro 160W is built with an 11-stage safety protocol, including smart thermal management and a fire-resistant enclosure, protecting your devices from a variety of electrical hazards.

Wide Compatibility and Special Offer

The Nexode Pro 160W is compatible with over 1000 devices, from the latest laptops and smartphones to wearables and gaming consoles. It's available on Amazon for $119, but savvy shoppers can snag a 15% discount at checkout with a special launch coupon.

More Than Just Music and Design

While UGREEN's latest offering is a marvel for tech enthusiasts, the company also acknowledges the diverse interests of its customers, hinting at its appreciation for Japanese design philosophy and innovative products like the Chuck bookshelf and the Fog Flower humidifier, which seamlessly blend functionality with home aesthetics.