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LEGO Enthusiast Recreates Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s 99th Precinct

Building the Beloved Squad

LEGO enthusiasts and fans of the hit TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, prepare for a delightful surprise. LEGO creator Ben Fankhauser has meticulously assembled the 99th precinct in LEGO form, capturing the essence of the beloved show. Every corner of the precinct, from the bullpen to the captain’s office and even the kitchen, is represented in this detailed build. While the briefing room is notably absent, the charm of the rest of the set more than compensates for this omission.

A Trove of Easter Eggs

Fankhauser’s dedication to detail is evident in the numerous Easter eggs hidden throughout the build. Fans will appreciate the nods to the series, such as Captain Holt’s pet corgi, Cheddar, in his office, and the portrait of Holt that adorns Terry’s desk. The set doesn’t shy away from the quirks of the show, featuring both Hitchcock and Scully’s infamous chocolate and cheese fountains, as well as Jake Peralta’s pet rat Algernon and Boyle’s ancestral sourdough starter.

Character Galore

No detail is too small for this LEGO set, which includes the show’s main characters and fan favorites. From Jake Peralta to Rosa Diaz and the deadpan Captain Raymond Holt, the gang’s all here. The set even features Holt’s partner Kevin Cozner and the fan-favorite Pontiac Bandit, Doug Judy. This collection brings the show’s humor and heart into the world of LEGO.

A Labor of Love and Persistence

The set boasts over 1,500 pieces, with a smooth tiled floor that sets the stage for any fan to reenact their favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine moments. Despite being turned down twice by LEGO due to reaching 10,000 votes but facing internal rejections, Fankhauser remains undeterred. The LEGO MoC (My Own Creation) is making a third attempt to become an official box-set, already securing over 6,382 votes and aiming for the golden number of 10,000. Supporters can cast their vote to help make this dream a reality and honor the spirit of Captain Holt and his precinct.