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LEGO Celebrates Star Wars 25th Anniversary with New R2-D2 Set

R2 D2 Lego

A Nostalgic Return to the Stars

Prepare for a nostalgic trip to a galaxy far, far away as LEGO honors the 25th anniversary of Star Wars. The beloved droid R2-D2 is back, ready to be reimagined in a new 1050-brick set designed for fans young and old. This March 2024 release follows the larger 2214-brick model from three years prior, but this time, it’s tailor-made for galactic adventurers aged 9 and up. Whether you’re a master LEGO Jedi or a Padawan in training, this set is your ticket to hours of interstellar enjoyment.

Compact Design, Big Adventure

Don’t be deceived by its size; the new 24cm tall R2-D2 may be smaller than its predecessor, but it’s loaded with features that will delight fans. A moveable head, an adjustable third leg, a periscope, and an array of tools from the Star Wars saga make this model a compact marvel. It’s a fresh take on the classic character, engineered for excitement and discovery.

Exclusive Collectibles Included

The surprises don’t stop with the build. This special edition R2-D2 comes with its very own information plaque and a miniature LEGO version of itself. Plus, to mark the anniversary in style, collectors will find an exclusive 25th Anniversary Minifigure of the notorious Darth Malak included in the set. It’s more than just a building experience; it’s a Star Wars fiesta!

Mark Your Calendars

The countdown to March 2024 begins as LEGO Star Wars 75379 R2-D2 prepares to launch. Anticipation is building for what promises to be a memorable encounter with one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. Get ready for adventure, nostalgia, and the sheer joy of creation with the new LEGO R2-D2 set.