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Keep Your Pets Hydrated with Innovative Water Fountain

Keep Your Pets Hydrated with Innovative Water Fountain

Hydration is Key for Pets

Hydration is as vital for pets as it is for people, but busy schedules can make it tough to remember to refill their water bowls. For pet owners who are often away from home, ensuring their furry companions have access to fresh water throughout the day is a top priority.

Introducing the PAWaii Wireless Pet Water Fountain

Meet the PAWaii Wireless Pet Water Fountain, a designer solution to keep your pets hydrated whether you're at home or not. This pet water fountain offers a continuous supply of clean and filtered water, thanks to its NSF-certified filter that removes impurities and UV sterilization to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Multiple Modes for Maximum Convenience

With three operational modes, the PAWaii fountain caters to your pet's needs. Choose from inductive mode, a timed regular mode, or manual mode to ensure your pet has water whenever they need it. Plus, you can use these modes together for ultimate flexibility.

Designed for Safety and Longevity

Safety is a top concern, and this fountain has water-electricity separation and a non-slip pad to prevent accidents. Equipped with a robust 5,000 mAh battery, it can last up to 70 days on a single charge, based on 25 dispensing actions per day. The device also monitors water consumption and drinking frequency, with all data accessible via a connected app for easy remote tracking.

Stylish and Pet-Friendly Design

Not only is the PAWaii fountain practical, but it's also designed to appeal to pets and owners alike. It resembles a human water filter, but the fountain feature is a hit with pets, encouraging them to drink more. Available in vibrant orange or a sleek white/transparent design, it suits any home aesthetic.

A Nudge to Drink More for Pets (and Maybe Owners Too)

While the PAWaii Wireless Pet Water Fountain is a boon for pets, it might just inspire a similar innovation for humans who often forget to stay hydrated. Until then, pet owners can rest easy knowing their beloved animals are well taken care of with this cutting-edge hydration solution.

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