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10 Black Travel Creators You Need to Follow

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Travel content creators are a source of inspiration for travel lovers all over the world. In fact, 85% of adults look to travel creators for recommendations before a trip! Representation is so important to show people from all backgrounds that they can travel, but unfortunately, the travel industry still lacks diversity, from the pilots who start our journeys to the bloggers who share theirs. Many Black travel creators are turning to social media to discuss their positive and negative experiences, from places they felt at home, to issues of racial discrimination. We want to encourage all travellers to meet the world and raise the profiles of some of our favourite Black travel creators, starting with 10 that we love to follow on their adventures.

Lena: The Solo Backpacker

PhD student travelling the world as part of her studies, Lena shares her experiences as a Black female solo backpacker in Latin America and Europe. She opens important conversations from countries she didn’t feel welcome to demystifying countries that other Black people think aren’t safe for them. Lena shares her honest opinions, experiences learning Spanish in Latin America and budget travel tips.

Josh: The Cinematic Storyteller

Solo traveller Josh posts cinematic storytelling videos and motivation for others to get out there and see the world. His style of video feels uniquely his own and the beautiful way he captures the people from the places he visits reminds us what travel is all about. If you like positive energy and documentary-style travel stories, give Josh a follow.

Elshu: The Ethiopian American Backpacker

Ethiopian American backpacker, Elshu, posts budget travel tips while showing what it’s like solo travelling as a Black woman and immigrant. A fan of adventure travel and hiking, her aim is to encourage diversity in the outdoors as she shares stories from South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Yaya: The Exotic Trip Expert

If you’ve spent any time on #traveltok you’re bound to recognise Yaya from HandLuggageOnly’s deep, soothing voice. Originally from Nigeria, Yaya and his partner Lloyd post detailed itineraries, out-of-the-box activities and foodie finds from their exotic trips around the world and at home in the UK. For epic views and unique things to do, check this duo out.

Dominique: The Fearless Traveller

British born with Jamaican and Irish heritage, Dominique, inspires young people to feel the fear and book that trip anyway! From a look into the day in the life of a traveller to hostel recommendations and travelling on a budget, Dominique helps others start their journey. She also shares tips for young Black female travellers to make them feel more comfortable on the road, like curly haircare and interacting with people who want to take your photo.

Phil: The Storyteller

Posting unfiltered, real stories from people and places on his travels, Phil educates his community on Black history, local delicacies and authentic culture and tradition. With a knack for connecting with people anywhere he goes, his posts are hilarious and interesting in equal measure! For refreshing travel content and real-life experiences, Phil’s your guy.

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Ayana: The Vlogger

Documenting her travels through vlogs and funny moments, American Ayana posts about hostel travel and her experiences making friends (including meeting her now boyfriend) while exploring new places.

Clé: The Dream-like Photographer

If you’re a fan of a beautifully curated feed and dream-like photography, you’ll be a fan of Clé. He mixes storytelling with video and photography, portraying artistic perspectives on the places he visits. His page is like stepping into a calm alternate universe, often posting poems alongside his travel snaps.

Jackie: The Round-the-World Traveller

Sharing travel advice from her round-the-world trip and now living in Australia, British solo traveller, Jackie, encourages Black women to visit places her community believes wouldn’t welcome them. From romance stories to breaking down costs, Jackie’s posts will have anyone grabbing a backpack.

Skylar and Temitope: The Fashionable Couple

Couple Skylar and Temitope prove that travel and fashion can go hand in hand. They share their fire fits and immaculate energy from destinations around the world, as well as foodie tips and what it’s like travelling as a Black couple in countries where Black people are rare, like Japan. If you prefer city breaks over backpacking escapes, you’ll love this couple.

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