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Discover Barcelona’s Eco-Warrior Hostel: St Christopher’s Inn

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Caring for the climate while you travel doesn’t have to be hard work, especially when your hostel is doing what they can to protect our planet. With them doing the leg work for you, you can sit back and sip your sangria knowing that you’re contributing to the greater good.

Hostelworld’s Sustainability Stories

In this series, Hostelworld’s Sustainability Stories, we’re shining the spotlight on hostels that go the extra mile for the environment, their communities and guests, to ensure we’re all travelling more responsibly.

A Sustainable Solution in Barcelona

Brimming with culture, gothic architecture and both beach and city break vibes, for many, Barcelona is the perfect European getaway.

Because of its popularity, the city has faced overtourism, with the government introducing rules to curb the number of tourists visiting, such as capping guided tours, limiting landlords letting to holiday-makers and introducing tax for cruise passengers. These policies seem to be working, making living in the city more enjoyable for locals, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

St Christopher’s Inn: Leading the Way

As a responsible traveller, it’s important to consider the impact your accommodation has on the local climate and community, and Eco-Warrior HOSCAR winner, St Christopher’s Inn, ensures you can do just that.

Sitting at the top of the famous pedestrian-only street, Las Ramblas, St Christopher’s Inn Barcelona is the perfect base for your trip to the Mediterranean metropolis. Renowned for their innovative recycling initiatives, we spoke to the hostel’s Manager, Ferran Esteller, and F&B Manager, Jonny Bower, to hear all about how they ensure guests enjoy a more sustainable siesta when visiting Barcelona.

Recycling with a Twist

When you hear recycling you might think "yeh yeh tell me something I don’t know." For many, especially those living in western countries, recycling is part of your day to day; paper, plastic, cardboard, glass.

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Well at St Christopher’s they do that too, but on top of the recycling bins dotted around the hostel, they’ve introduced technology that captures shower water and reuses it as toilet water! Guests are encouraged to use less water with simple changes like push buttons on showers to stop unnecessary use, reducing water consumption and saving energy.

Power of the Sun

Speaking of energy, most of the hostel is powered by solar panels installed on the roof. So while you’re soaking up the sights of the Sagrada Familia, your hostels soaking up the sun to power your stay.

Reducing Food Waste

Realising that many guests’ eyes were bigger than their bellies after one too many Estrellas the night before, St Christopher’s moved from an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet to a taking pre-payments to reduce the amount of food waste left behind.

Eat Green

In their bar, Belushi’s, they’ve made 20% of the menu vegan to curb the emissions created from food. Indulged in too much tapas? Take it away… in biodegradable food containers provided to guests. Patatas Bravo! If you still have leftovers when you check out, you can pop it in the food sharing basket to leave for other travellers.

Drink for a Cause

Roaming the cobbled streets in search of the perfect paella can make thirsty work. Head to Belushi’s for an Ocean Beer that gives 100% of it’s profit to ocean cleanup projects! St Christopher’s partner with the brewery to raise awareness of raising sea levels and plastic pollution on Barcelona’s busy beaches.

A Sustainable Stance

We know our travellers want to help hostels that are driving positive change, and St Christopher’s Inn Barcelona are doing just that. By staying there alone you’re taking a sustainable stance, especially when we know that hostels are more environmentally-friendly than hotels in the first place!

When visiting, you can join their free walking tours, rent a bike, support the local businesses they promote and take part in their Love the Planet campaign to be mindful of your energy consumption and waste.

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Choose a Sustainable Hostel

From private huts by the beach, to social dorms in the city. There are hostels for everyone, everywhere! Where will you go?

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