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Revolutionizing Smart Home Interactions with the Mui Board Gen 2

Revolutionizing Smart Home Interactions with the Mui Board Gen 2

Not Just a Wooden Plank

What might look like a simple piece of wood mounted on a wall is actually the mui Board Gen 2, a touch-sensitive smart home controller. This innovative device lets you manage lighting, curtains, temperature, and sound systems with just a tap on its wooden surface.

Second Generation Smart Elegance

Following a successful initial Kickstarter campaign in 2022, the mui Board is back with its Gen 2 model. Unveiled at CES 2024 and on Kickstarter, the new version supports the Matter protocol and integrates with ChatGPT, offering a more advanced smart home experience.

Universal Compatibility

With the integration of the Matter networking protocol, the second-generation Mui Board can now easily connect with smart devices from major companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, positioning itself as a versatile smart home control center.

ChatGPT Brings Intuitive Interactions

The Gen 2 mui Board also features ChatGPT integration, allowing for natural interactions. Users can set up schedules, compile task lists, and even get answers to questions through the backlit wooden interface.

Seamless Design When Idle

Embracing a "calm technology" philosophy, the mui Board reverts to looking like a regular wooden plank when not in use. This design choice by mui Lab ensures the device blends in with home decor, offering a peaceful and unobtrusive presence.

Customizable Aesthetic Appeal

The mui Board Gen 2 continues to use real wood veneers to maintain its natural charm and will be available in both 'natural' and 'dark' finishes after the Kickstarter campaign concludes.

Aiming for a Balanced Lifestyle

Japanese company mui Lab, creators of the mui Board, strives to reduce daily distractions by minimizing glaring screens and offering a discreet method of controlling smart devices. Their goal is to keep a serene atmosphere at home while staying connected.

A Commitment to Innovative Design

With a keen eye for efficiency, organization, and exceptional design, Japanese products like the mui Board are celebrated for their ability to blend functionality with a minimalist aesthetic, proving that less can indeed be more.

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