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Next-Gen Power Solutions for AR/VR Headsets

neck battery

The Vision Pro’s Design Dilemma

Users of the Vision Pro headset have been vocal about a common issue: the unwieldy external battery pack. This cumbersome accessory, reminiscent of an IV drip, has been criticized for its clunky design. It’s a hefty metal box that users must tether to the headset, often resorting to pocket storage during use, which results in an awkward wire hanging from head to waist and interfering with movement.

Apple’s Accessory Missteps

It appears that Apple’s track record with accessories leaves much to be desired, given the less-than-stellar designs of products like the Magic Mouse and the original Apple Pencil charging solution. The Vision Pro’s battery pack is the latest in a series of questionable design choices, highlighting a pattern of Apple’s focus on primary products over their accessories.

ZyberVR’s Innovative Fix

However, ZyberVR may have the solution to this design flaw with their Neck Power Bank. This device, which is worn around the neck, offers a more practical and user-friendly approach to powering AR/VR headsets. With a short cable connecting to the headset, the Neck Power Bank promises an elegant and unobtrusive experience, allowing users to move freely without the encumbrance of dangling wires.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

Designed by Kylin Wu, the Neck Power Bank takes on the shape of a neck pillow or sporty headphones, providing a fresh and ergonomic alternative to traditional power banks. Its flexible center frame allows for easy wearing, and its design redistributes weight to the shoulders, thus reducing neck strain. The device adapts to the natural curve of the shoulders, ensuring stability and comfort during extended use.

Power to Last

Boasting a substantial 10,000mAh capacity, the Neck Power Bank delivers 2-3 hours of extended use for XR devices, addressing the common concern of battery life. It also features a removable 5000mAh backup battery for hot-swapping, ensuring continuous power supply for even the most demanding users. With a quick-release switch, battery exchange is swift and hassle-free.

Universal Compatibility

The Neck Power Bank, equipped with a USB-C port, is compatible with a variety of AR/VR headsets, including Meta’s Quest series and Sony’s PlayStation VR. It is also poised to support Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset, pending the release of a proprietary connector cable. As Apple gears up for the Vision Pro’s launch, the development of a hardware ecosystem by third-party manufacturers like ZyberVR could be crucial to the headset’s success.

Industry Innovations Continue

In the wake of CES, tech giants like Samsung have already started unveiling their new product lines for the year. In the technology sector, innovation never sleeps, and as companies strive to meet consumer needs, we can expect to see continued advancements in device functionality and user experience.

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