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3-Minute Cup Noodles Timer Is Powered by the Noodles’ Weight

Because trying to count to 180 myself requires patience I don’t have, KARAKURI constructed a 3D printed 3-minute Cup Noodles timer that is powered by the weight of the meal, slowly lowering the cup to the table’s surface over the course of three minutes. That’s ingenious. Me? I usually lose track of counting after a minute and eat my noodles extra al dente.

The video includes the original 3D computer design from which it was made, as well as all the 3D printed pieces being carefully assembled. Careful assembly – that’s important, especially when you’re dealing with such small, fragile pieces. You can’t just smack everything with a hammer and expect it to work. Or at least that’s what my watchmaking mentor told me after several unsuccessful repair attempts.

I haven’t been eating nearly as many Cup Noodles as I used to because I’m trying to watch my sodium intake, but I basically lived on them in college. And after college. Really, right up until my doctor said I needed to watch my sodium intake a few weeks ago.

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