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The Next Wave of XR: Vision Pro’s Mixed Reality Experience


Big Names Hold Back on Vision Pro’s App Store

With the Vision Pro XR headset’s release just around the corner, the tech community is buzzing about what to expect. However, some of the excitement has been dampened by the revelation that several major apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify, have opted not to provide dedicated support for the device. Instead, users will have to access these services through the Vision Pro’s web browser, which may not offer the seamless experience expected from a device that’s breaking new ground in extended reality.

Designers Take Initiative with Unofficial Apps

Despite the setback, the creative community isn’t sitting idle. Designers are stepping up to craft their own interpretations of how popular apps could function on the Vision Pro. The device’s passthrough interface, which seamlessly merges real and digital worlds, has inspired UX concepts that place virtual elements into real spaces in a convincingly natural manner.

A Glimpse into a More Immersive Netflix Experience

Designer Harshita Jajani has taken the initiative to reimagine what Netflix could look like in a spatial computing environment. Her unofficial Netflix concept showcases a potential app that embodies the Vision Pro’s sleek digital glass aesthetic, complete with the platform’s signature design elements. Users could potentially switch from a standard window screen to a full-periphery view for a truly immersive streaming session.

Will Netflix Join the Vision Pro’s Official Lineup?

As it stands, Netflix remains hesitant to launch an official app on the Vision Pro, a stance that may or may not change in the future. Meanwhile, Disney has fully embraced the new platform, with CEO Bob Iger touting the Disney+ app’s ‘magical’ experience that will be included with the headset. This partnership sets a high bar, considering the success of Netflix’s app on other platforms like the Meta Quest. For now, though, designers like Jajani help bridge the gap for eager users, especially those investing $3600 in the cutting-edge hardware of the Vision Pro.

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