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Revive the Feel of Real Keyboards with Clicks for iPhone

Revive the Feel of Real Keyboards with Clicks for iPhone

Back to the Future of Typing

Longing for the days of tactile typing on your smartphone? The Clicks iPhone attachment is bringing back the satisfying click of physical keys. Designed for those who yearn for the feel of a real keyboard, this innovative accessory promises to boost your productivity to new heights.

Clicks: The Creator's Keyboard

Tagged as the inaugural 'creator's keyboard', Clicks is tailored for the latest iPhone models. Available for the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro at $139, and the 15 Pro Max at $159, it comes in two stylish hues: BumbleeBee yellow and London Sky dark grey. Its convenient backlight feature ensures seamless typing in the dark, while its extended form might just make you feel like you're wielding a high-tech tool.

More Screen, More Control

Clicks is not just about nostalgia; it's about enhancing your iPhone experience. By freeing up valuable screen space, the Clicks keyboard allows you to engage with your apps and content unimpeded. With real keys, typing becomes second nature, enabling you to manage more tasks efficiently. The addition of keyboard shortcuts and dedicated keys puts the power at your fingertips, offering unmatched control over your device.

Are Physical Keyboards Making a Comeback?

The allure of physical keyboards on phones is undeniable for some, reminiscent of simpler tech times and perhaps even the era of pagers. As we witness trends and technologies resurface, one can't help but wonder if gadgets like the Clicks signal a broader revival of classic tech. While the future of pagers remains uncertain, the Clicks attachment is a dream come true for those who appreciate the tactile feedback of a physical keyboard in our touchscreen-dominated world.

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