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Your EDC Collection Is Incomplete Without a Good OTF Knife… Here’s the One We Recommend

Described by the folks at Tekto as “Compact and Formidable”, the A2 Badger is an impressive little picket blade that’s sure to be a favorite in your EDC collection.

What’s an OTF Knife you ask? Short for Out The Front, OTF Knives are switchblades with a vertical deploying action. Unlike traditional folding knives with folding/rotating blades, the blade of an OTF knife slides forward and backward out of the handle rather than swinging open on a pivot. This mechanism is typically operated by a switch or button located on the handle. OTF knives are known for their quick and easy deployment, making them popular among military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts… and if you still don’t own one, this might as well be the universe giving you that sign.

Designer: Tekto Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $118.99 $139.99 (Use coupon code “A2YANKO” to get 15% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

Featuring an oversized lanyard hole, this knife design accommodates a wider range of attachment options, including larger cords and paracords. This enhances convenience and accessibility, especially in low-light conditions or when wearing gloves, making it an ideal tool for any situation.

Pioneered by the folks at Tekto, OTF Knives have a tactile thrill to them that folding knives don’t. There’s always that bit of surprise and a slight amount of recoil associated with activating an OTF knife that you’re bound to fall in love with. The A2 Badger, like all of Tekto’s OTF knives, is deployed by a contoured switch located on the top of the handle, right underneath your thumb. Slide the switch and the blade gets deployed out the front (hence the name). The entire process can be done with a single hand in under a second, and even with gloves on, making the OTF knife perfect for scenarios with split-second consequences.

The A2 Badger button boasts an exceptional grip, ensuring maximum grip and control in any situation.

Its precisely contoured button allows for fast and effortless ejection and retraction of the blade.

Measuring a mere 5.26 inches when open, the A2 Badger is Tekto’s smallest OTF knife sporting a 1.8-inch tanto-style blade made from titanium-coated D2 steel. Although the 1.8-inch blade is smaller than your average pocket flipper, the A2 Badger still is quite a nimble beast, making it a favorite among both enthusiasts as well as tactical personnel and first responders. The tanto-style blade comes with a pointed tip and two sharp edges that make it perfect for all sorts of knife strokes. The titanium-coated D2 steel blade holds its edge incredibly well, taking on benign indoor activities, outdoor excursions, and even tactical scenarios with ease. For getting out of emergencies, the A2 Badger also packs a glass-breaker on the rear of its handle, helping you make quick exits.

With its compact and lightweight design, the A2 Badger is both easy to store and transport, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and those with limited space.

Weighing a mere 2.18 ounces and measuring just 3.3 inches when closed, the A2 Badger holds the title of being Tekto’s smallest and lightest knife. It’s built to be ambidextrous, and comes with a 6061 Aluminum handle that houses the OTF mechanism that’s backed by a button lock system so the blade doesn’t slide in while you’re cutting. A pocket clip can be attached to either side of the handle (depending on whether you’re right or left-handed), and a wide lanyard hole allows you to string your A2 Badger to your backpack, around your neck, or even your keychain for carrying wherever you go. The A2 Badger comes in 3 grip color variants – Black, Desert, and OD Green (Olive Drab Green) with a black-coated blade and a 15% discount on its $139.99 price tag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $118.99 $139.99 (Use coupon code “A2YANKO” to get 15% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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