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Introducing the Nomad 30: The Ultimate Off-Grid Tiny Home for Adventurers

Introducing the Nomad 30: The Ultimate Off-Grid Tiny Home for Adventurers

Meet the Nomad 30

Meet the Nomad 30, the latest innovation in the world of tiny homes, designed for those who dream of a life unbound by traditional living spaces. This upgraded model from Minimaliste offers a comfortable and stylish interior, paired with the freedom of an off-grid lifestyle.

Compact Design, Easy Towing

The Nomad 30, aptly named for its 30-foot length, is built on an adjustable double-axle trailer for optimal weight distribution and effortless towing. Its sleek exterior, combining steel sheets with faux wood, is not only visually appealing but also designed for minimal upkeep.

Step Into Comfort

Entering the Nomad 30 is a unique experience, thanks to a foldable deck and steps at the rear, easily operated by a winch and remote control. A double glass door connects the spacious living room to the outside, inviting nature in.

Spacious Living Room with Modern Amenities

The living area of the Nomad 30 is more generous than previous models, featuring ample storage, a sofa bed, a wall-mounted TV, and climate control systems for year-round comfort.

Dine and Cook with Ease

Adjacent to the living room is a fully-equipped kitchen, complete with a propane oven, four-burner stove, and a washer/dryer. The dining area seats four and cleverly incorporates additional storage. Safety is also considered with lockable cabinetry and a foldable countertop for extra space.

Full-Featured Bathroom

The Nomad 30 doesn't skimp on bathroom facilities, offering a composting toilet, compact bathtub with shower, and a sink, ensuring all the comforts of home even on the go.

With the Nomad 30, Minimaliste has redefined the tiny home experience, combining the convenience of modern living with the spirit of adventure. It's the perfect choice for those ready to hit the road and live life off the grid.