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Introducing the Boho Duplex: A Tiny Home Innovation

Introducing the Boho Duplex: A Tiny Home Innovation

A Unique Concept in Compact Living

The Boho Duplex stands out in the tiny home market with its groundbreaking design—two separate homes fused into a single innovative structure. This architectural marvel, crafted by Escape, features two distinct living spaces within one cohesive exterior, each with its own entrance and complete set of amenities.

Double the Vista Boho, Double the Charm

Combining two Vista Boho models end-to-end, the Boho Duplex stretches an impressive 42 feet in length. Clad in cedar, the home may not claim the title of the largest tiny home, but it certainly boasts a unique layout. Each section mirrors the other, offering a versatile living area with sleeping quarters, integrated storage, entertainment options, and a cozy kitchenette with modern appliances. The thoughtful inclusion of a drop-down desk area caters to both dining and work needs.

Well-Equipped for Comfortable Living

Stepping inside the Boho Duplex, residents are greeted with a multi-functional space designed for living, sleeping, and dining. The kitchen is equipped with an induction cooktop, fridge/freezer, sink, and even a washer/dryer. Not to be overlooked, the bathroom contains a shower, flushing toilet, and sink—all the essentials for daily comfort.

Separate Entrances, Mirrored Layouts

While each half of the Boho Duplex has its own entryway, the absence of an interior connecting door might be seen as a slight drawback. However, the mirrored layout ensures a harmonious design continuity between the two spaces, potentially inspiring a new wave of tiny home configurations.

A Fresh Take on Tiny Home Living

For those seeking to join the tiny home movement but desiring something beyond the ordinary, the Boho Duplex offers an intriguing alternative. With its balance of functionality, utility, and practicality, this duplex design doesn't compromise on the essentials. Although pricing details are not publicly available, interested buyers can reach out to Escape for more information. The Boho Duplex could very well be the breath of fresh air needed in the world of compact, efficient homes.