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OnePlus 12 May Feature Wood-Grain Shell, Leaked Image Suggests

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A Blast from the Past?

OnePlus, known for its innovative phone designs, may be going back to its roots with the upcoming OnePlus 12. A leaked image suggests that the new phone could feature a "classic wood grain shell," reminiscent of the company's early days when it offered removable back covers in uncommon materials like wood and sandstone.

New Variant or Special Edition Cases?

Speculations abound regarding what this wood-grain shell could mean. It might be a completely new variant of the OnePlus 12 with a wood or "faux wood" back panel. Alternatively, it could be a special edition of slim protective cases. OnePlus has a history of experimenting with materials and textures, so anything is possible.

Pushing Boundaries

OnePlus has always been keen on pushing the boundaries of smartphone design. From bamboo and walnut covers to 3D microcrystalline rocks, the company has consistently aimed to give its smartphones a unique personality. The OnePlus 12's wood-grain shell, if confirmed, would be another example of this commitment.

The Pull of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is not limited to turntables and fashion. The interest in retro products has spread to the world of smartphones, with consumers seeking unique and eye-catching designs. The OnePlus 12's wood-grain shell could tap into this nostalgia, appealing to those who appreciate a touch of the past in their modern devices.

Comfort and Style

Skinny cellphones may look sleek, but they're not always the most comfortable to hold. The OnePlus 12's potential wood-grain shell could offer a more ergonomic and stylish option, providing users with a phone that not only looks good but feels good in their hands.

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