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Next-Gen Phone Accessories: More Than Just Protection

Next-Gen Phone Accessories: More Than Just Protection

Leading the Charge in Phone Stand Innovation

As we step into 2024, the expectations from phone cases are soaring beyond mere protection. TORRAS, a pioneer in the 'phone stand' movement, has been at the forefront of this innovation since 2018. With recognition from Ipsos, a renowned global research firm, TORRAS has been hailed as the leader in the next generation of phone cases, offering a blend of style, functionality, and advanced technology.

CES Showcase: Stands and More

At this year's CES, TORRAS stole the spotlight with their phone stand-centric showcase, including the introduction of two new stand models – the Lstand and the enhanced Ostand R with a rotating ring. Alongside these, TORRAS also unveiled the COOLiFY Cyber, a cutting-edge neck-worn 'air-conditioner' that adapts to the environment, setting a new standard for wearable coolers.

The Ostand R: A Case of Ingenuity

The Ostand R is not just a phone case; it's an engineering marvel. With a ring that serves as a versatile stand and supports MagSafe and wireless charging, this case offers convenience without compromising on protection or style. Its air-cushioned edges and frosted polycarbonate back ensure your phone is secure while flaunting its color. The Ostand R is a testament to TORRAS' commitment to research and innovation, featuring a durable, slim hinge design that offers unparalleled flexibility and support.

The Lstand: Simplicity Meets Function

For those who prefer a sleeker profile, the Lstand delivers. This case features a discreet fold-out stand that doubles as extra protection for your iPhone's camera. TORRAS has designed the Lstand in response to customer feedback, crafting a minimalist yet functional accessory that caters to diverse preferences.

Phone Stands: The Future of Phone Cases

An Ipsos report supports the rise of phone stands as an essential trend, driven by the growing needs of digital nomads and social media users. With larger and heavier smartphones, the demand for phone stands that offer a hands-free experience while maintaining a minimalist design is on the rise. TORRAS' Ostand R and Lstand are at the forefront of this movement, enhancing user experience by merging protection with convenience.

TORRAS: A Visionary in Phone Case Design

The Ipsos study highlights TORRAS' innovative approach to phone case design, combining kickstand functionality with magnetic suction. This fusion has earned TORRAS international acclaim, patents, and industry recognition, positioning them as the vanguard of phone case evolution.

COOLiFY Cyber: A Personal Climate Control Solution

The COOLiFY range takes a leap forward with the Cyber model, offering an advanced personal cooling system that can be worn around the neck. Featuring a flexible design, multiple speed settings, and a significant cooling impact, the COOLiFY Cyber is set to revolutionize personal comfort in extreme temperatures. Look out for its launch in March for more details on this game-changing wearable.

Exclusive Partnerships and Beyond

In a strategic move, TORRAS has also partnered with the Dallas Mavericks to create Mavs-branded merchandise, tapping into the sports fan market with their innovative products. This collaboration highlights TORRAS' versatility and commitment to expanding their brand reach.